Building Manager

The Building Manager for Allegro is Mark or Lance.  The office is on the First Floor next to the Gymnasium.  Mark is generally available on site Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm.

Phone contact:  0404 422 883

Pool & BBQ

The Pool and BBQ area are located at the rear of the Tower, an Air Key is required to access the Facilities.

Guests or Visitors to Unit / Town house may use the Facilities providing they are accompanied by the proprietor, occupier or other resident.

Pool and BBQ hours of use – 7am to 9pm daily.  Pool will be heated to 26°C from November through to April.

Rules for use of Recreational Facilities:

  1. Children under the age of 10 years of age may use the Recreational Facilities only if accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  2. Glass Objects, drinking glasses and sharp objects are not permitted in or about the Recreational Facilities.
  3. Running, ball playing, noisy or hazardous activities are not permitted.
  4. Swimming Pool equipment must not, except with the approval of the council of the Strata Company, be interfered with, operated or adjusted.
  5. All users must be appropriately attired whilst using the Facilities.
  6. All users must remove all items they take with them onto the Recreational Facilities and properly dispose of refuse.
  7. A maximum of 4 guests or visitors of a proprietor, occupier or other resident of a lot are permitted to use the Recreational Facilities at any one time.
  8. An owner or occupier of the building must take all reasonable steps to ensure that guests of the owner or occupier do not behave in a manner likely to unreasonably interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any other person entitled to use the facilities.
  9. Pool Blanket should only be removed or replaced by those who have been instructed on the use of the Blanket.
  10. BBQ should be left clean and Gas Knobs switched off after use.

For additional information please refer to the by-laws.


The Gym is located on the First Floor and is available for the use of Residents of the Building, an Air Key is required to access the Facilities.

Guests or Visitors to Unit / Town house may use the Facilities providing they are accompanied by the proprietor, occupier or other resident.

Gym Facilities are available for use from 5.30am to 9pm – some time limits apply to certain pieces of equipment, please observe these as a courtesy to other users, signs are displayed within the Gym.


The Plaza is a common area that can be used by all residents and visitors.  It should be noted that the Plaza allows vehicle access however this access is restricted to 15 minutes and has been designed as a drop off/pick up point only.  Parking fines do apply to this area.  At certain times during the year the Plaza is blocked off to vehicles.

Access to Building

The building is electronically secure, which means residents are required to utilise their air key which contains a proximity chip to gain access into the building.  The air key will provide access at the following points:

  • Main entry lobby
  • Lift lobby
  • Basement car park
  • Pool area
  • Basement car park lift lobby and
  • Pedestrian gate located on level 1

Along with the air key, residents are required to use their standard entry door key to gain access to their apartments or town houses.

To maintain security, contact the Strata Manager immediately to report lost air keys.  Additional keys and air keys can be purchased through your Strata Manager or Building Manager.


CCTV is used throughout the common areas including the car park.  Patrols are also in use within the Estate.

Mail Boxes

Apartments – Individually keyed mail box is provided for each apartment which are located in the main entry lobby.

Town houses – Individual mail boxes are provided for at the entry to the town house.

Unrestricted access to Apartment Mail Boxes for deliveries is available between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.


Delivery of Newspapers can be arranged through Burswood News agency – wrapped Newspapers are left at the rear entry to the building for residents collection.


All Garbage needs to be enclosed in a solid rubbish bag and tied up securely prior to being deposited in the garbage chute so the contents do not fall out during its descent.

Signage on each floor at the chutes provide instructions on wrapping and items that are excluded from disposal via the Chute.  Excluded items that are not recyclable should be disposed of in the bins provided in the basement car park adjacent to the Lift Lobby Exit.


There are recycling bins with a yellow lid on every floor.  There is a label on the bin and also signage in the rubbish rooms advising what can and cannot be recycled in the Town of Victoria Park.  Please follow correct procedures.

For a copy of the Waste Management and Recycling Guide, click here.

Fire Evacuation Procedures

For Allegro’s fire evacuation plan please click here.