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Strata Manager

Kristy Ward

Prestige Strata Management
Suite 1a/141, Burswood Road
Burswood, WA 6100
Postal Address
PO Box 510
Victoria Park, WA 6979

Phone: 9472 7377
Fax: 9472 7477

Building Manager


Ground Floor Office (Near Gym)
19 The Circus 
Burswood WA 6100

Mobile: 0404 422 883

Council of Owners

If the Building Manager or Strata Manager are unable to resolve your issue, you should then direct your concern to the Council of Owners.

  • Ashley Baker
  • Darren Cooper
  • Derrice Dillon
  • Ronny Berchicci
  • Tricia Hartley

After Hours Emergency

Mobile: 0404 984 621

This number is ONLY to be called in an emergency situation. Any call not classed as an emergency will incur a $250 fee.

What type of things are classed as an emergency? 

Anything that affects the building services in general i.e. no water/hot water or power to the whole building, water leaks or break down to garage gate.

Examples of events not considered a building emergency are:  Noise complaints, people parking in your car bay and locking yourself out.  Calling the emergency phones for these types of events will incur a fee.

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