What is a management statement?  Click here for a basic summary.

Residents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Strata Titles Act 1985 Section 5C(1) which can be found in the consolidated Rules & By-Laws document.

Moving In Procedures

All residents are required to follow moving-in procedures to ensure adequate access to building and loading facilities, protection of common property and minimal disruption to residents.Residents must contact the building manager prior to moving into your new apartment to arrange access and confirm procedures.

Procedures may involve:

  1. Booking a suitable moving-in time to ensure loading facilities are available, adequate protection measures are installed in the lift and common property and residents are not disturbed.
  2. A refundable deposit to cover damage to common property.
  3. Insurance – To ensure your removalist company has suitable insurance to cover damage to common property.
  4. Rubbish Removal – Owners are responsible for the removal of any rubbish collected whilst moving in.  Contact the building manager with any queries.

The following are recommended measures for protecting the building and your apartment while moving in:

  1. Ceiling, walls and doors – use common sense to avoid scuffing or chipping ceilings, walls, doors and door frames.
  2. Flooring – do not drag heavy objects across carpets/flooring.  It is recommended you use appropriate moving equipment and/or carry all objects.
  3. Flooring – as part of the acoustic treatment to the apartments, tiled floors are laid over an acoustic underlay.  As the underlay is flexible please use stiff, load distribution sheeting (ie plywood) when moving heavy furniture and white goods over tiles.  This will prevent potential damage to the tiles and grout joints.
  4. All large objects including furniture to be moved through basement doors and lifts.  No furniture to be taken through main lobby.

Modifications To Your Apartment

Prior to any building work being undertaken in your apartment you must first obtain the required consents from the strata company and if required, from local council.  Considerable care has been taken to ensure that floors, ceilings and walls to all apartments have been designed to achieve a high standard of fire and acoustic design.  Poor workmanship, inadequate acoustic provisions or any unacceptable noise transference may lead to the work being reversed and reinstated at the owner’s expense.