The building is electronically secure, which means residents are required to utilise their air key which contains a proximity chip to gain access into the building.

Lost keys should be reported to the Building Manager.

Additional keys and air keys can be purchased through your Building Manager or Strata Manager.

For an additional or replacement key you will need to complete the following key order form.


Audio Visual Intercom is located either adjacent to or in close proximity to the entry door which controls the entry to the main entry lobby, lift lobby, basement car park and access to your apartment.

For instructions on how to use your intercom click here.


Normal Domestic 240 volt single-phase electricity is provided to each apartment/Town house.

Apartments electrical switchboard is located in a cupboard within each apartment.  For Town houses the electrical is located on Level 1 within a cupboard or store.  Light and general power circuits are protected by circuit breakers at the switchboard.  For added personal protection, power points (GPO’s) and lighting circuits have a safety switch.  The safety switch is located in your apartments electrical switchboard and labelled “RCD”.

Should your safety switch trip for any reason, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all power points and lights and unplug all appliances
  2. Reset the safety switch
  3. If the safety switch cannot be reset, contact a licensed electrician as a fault exists with either the wiring or the switch itself.
  4. Turn on the power points one at a time or until the safety switch trips.  When it trips you have determined the cause of the fault.  Take the faulty appliance to a qualified service centre for repairs.


If you are able to reset your power board and you still have no power then the main breaker in the lobby may have tripped.  If this is the case you will need to call an electrician.  These breakers are situated on the odd number levels.

Please note that:

  • The fridge is on a dedicated circuit and is protected by a safety switch to avoid causing loss of supply to the fridge by faults in other appliances.
  • Please ensure adequate air space is left around the apartment switchboard.  Do not store items in front of or in contact with the switchboard.
  • A licensed electrician must be engaged to located and fix any fault with the power supply or the switchboard.
  • The air-conditioning unit installed in your apartment/town house has a separate circuit breaker protection and is not protected by RCD.
  • If required Western Power has access to all switchboards on all levels of the building.

Gas Services

Gas is supplied to your cook top with the shut off valve located below in a cupboard or behind the cupboards above the fridge recess.

Payment for gas consumption is via strata levies.

Please note:

  • You are not responsible for connecting the gas supply to your apartment
  • A licensed plumber must be engaged to locate & fix any fault with the gas supply.

Water Services


Residents will not receive an individual bill for cold water usage.  The Strata Company is responsible for paying the water usage bill for the entire building via strata levies.  It will apportion your share of the usage bill based on your unit entitlement.

You will receive an individual bill from Water Corporation for your water rates.

To turn off the water supply to your apartment, use the isolation valves located within the service access panel located within the laundry ceiling.

To turn off the water supply to your town house, use the isolation valves located within a service access panel located on Level 1 or Level 2.

To ensure that the balance of the building’s hydraulic system is not compromised, a licensed plumber must be engaged to locate and fix any fault with the water supply or to fix or replace any fitting such as a tap or shower head.


Hot water is supplied from a central gas hot water heating system and is maintained by the Strata Company.  Regulations require that the hot water must not exceed 50 degrees in temperature in bathrooms and en-suites.

A hot water meter has been installed in the bathroom laundry ceiling to apportion the energy costs utilised by your apartment.  This is remotely read by the Strata Company.

A temperature control valve has been installed within your apartment located adjacent to the hot water meter.

Air Conditioning

Each apartment is supplied with a ducted, water cooled, reverse cycle, air conditioning system for heating and cooling each apartment.  It is connected to the Common Property cooling towers located on the roof of the building.  The Strata Council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the boiler, cooling towers and condenser water systems only.

Owners and residents have exclusive use of the air conditioning system and components servicing their apartment and are responsible for the repair and maintenance and replacement if required.

To ensure correct use and maintenance of the air conditioning system please refer to the instructions provided in your Owners Pack.

Please note:  The air conditioning system within your apartment has been designed for full air conditioning.

The temperature display on the controller(s) directs the air conditioning system to turn on (or off) at the number selected if running on “auto”.  It is recommended you set the temperature at 23°C in summer and 21°C in winter.  However, a number of environmental factors may affect the actual temperature achieved.

The following tips will assist in optimising the performance of the air conditioning system:

  • Where there is more than one air conditioning unit servicing an apartment, ensure all settings on the controllers are the same.  This will assist in achieving an even temperature.
  • The system can be set to either “cool” or “heat”, or it can be set to automatically switch from heating to cooling to maintain a consistent temperature via the “Auto” setting.
  • Controls can also be configured to circulate air at all times or be turned off when there is no demand for heating or cooling.
  • Setting the system to extreme high or low temperature does not improve the systems’ performance or increase the rate of heating or cooling
  • DO NOT leave your apartment closed up for more than four hours with low temperature selected on the thermostat.  This may cause freezing of condensate drains and cause water damage.
  • To maximise air flow and the efficiency of the system, leave all internal doors open.
  • The system is not designed for use with external windows and doors open
  • Use of blinds and curtains are recommended to avoid heat gain and heat loss.

As stated above.  Owners are responsible for the repair & Maintenance and replacement, if required, of the air conditioning system servicing their apartment.  Please note that the warranty provided is conditional on maintenance being undertaken to the manufacturers recommendations during the warranty period, including routine maintenance, checking the disposable type air filter and checking various items.  Refer to the details included in your Owners Pack.

To access the air filter, you may be required to access the fan coil unit behind the ceiling access panel.  The access panel is heavy and should be opened with care by two people.  A safety chain is fitted and must be replaced on its catch when closing the panel.

For instructions on how to use your air-conditioner click here.

Telephone Lines

All apartments have telephone cabling from the building riser to the apartment services cupboard located in your apartment.  The cabling to each telephone outlet is suitable for telephone and data.  Telephone outlets are located in following rooms:

  • Living Room
  • Main Bedroom
  • 2nd Bedroom and Study where applicable – additional points are provided for in the town house.


Each apartment is located in an area where NBN is available.  You will need to contact your preferred service provider to arrange connection.  A connection and subscription fee is payable to your nominated service provided on connection.

Television Services


A master antenna is located on the roof of the building and is tuned to receive a quality signal for free-to-air commercial television.  The signal is reticulated throughout the building to each apartment.  TV outlets are provided in the following locations:

  • Living Room
  • Main Bedroom
  • Additional points are provided for in the town houses

As the frequency of the signal may vary slightly from your previous antenna system, your television may need to be re-tuned to ensure an optimum quality reception.  We recommend you engage the services of an experienced technician to assist you in returning your TV if necessary.

Free to air channels 2, 7, 9 and 10 should be tuned via VHF, SBS and Channel 31 should be tuned via UHF.


Pay TV is available via satellite dish mounted on the roof.  Each owner is required to contact Foxtel for connection to Pay TV.  A connection and subscription fee is payable to Foxtel on connection.  Pay TV is connected via the MATV infrastructure provided within the apartment.

Pay TV connections are provided in the following locations:

  • Living Room
  • Main Bedroom
  • Additional points are provided for in the town houses

Fire Protection Services


All apartments have a self contained smoke alarm system.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to maintain the smoke detectors within their apartment.  A common area fire alarm will also sound within apartments that are served by that common area.

Please refer to the Operating Instructions and warranty Provided in your Owners Pack.


Each apartment has full fire sprinkler protection with the sprinkler heads sitting behind a concealed plate which forms part of the sprinkler certification.

This plate must not be painted over under any circumstances to maintain certification of the sprinklers.

Town houses do not have a fire sprinkler protection system installed.

Security Alarm

Apartments located on levels 1 and 2 and town house levels 1 and 2 are fitted with a space detection intruder alarm.  The alarm system includes motion detectors in strategic locations (on the ground floor level only) key pad, control panel and back to base monitoring.  The resident is to arrange and pay for monitoring after settlement.

The alarms main control panel is located as follows:

  • Two bed west facing apartments – inside the laundry cupboard
  • Three bed south facing apartment – inside the closet opposite the laundry
  • Four bed north facing apartment & east facing apartment – adjacent the entry in the cupboard
  • Town houses – in a storage area on level 1 under the stairs

A keypad for control of the alarm functions is located inside your apartment adjacent to the entry door.

Testing of your alarm system is recommended every 12 months.

The display panel of the alarm will indicate trouble conditions.  Call your preferred security service provider if you require service or cannot rectify the condition.

Please read the instructions for the operation of your intruder alarm system provided in your Owners Pack or click here

Apartments on levels 4 – 16 do not have any alarm system installed. Residents can install a back to base monitoring system with a security provider.  Purchase, installation and monitoring of the alarm system are at the owner’s expense.

Lift Security

Lifts service all floors and are activated by presenting your air key to the proximity reader.  For additional security residents will only be able to gain access to the level of their apartment.